Sunday, December 28, 2008

Line of the Day: 2008-12-28

Soon enough, the mess will be all Barack Obama’s. But in the holiday interregnum, the winter air is thick with excuses at the White House no-regret fest. The president has given 10 exit interviews, spinning an unnecessary war, the shredding of the Bill of Rights and an epic run of economic negligence as bold action taken with Churchillian fortitude.

No doubt the Weather Channel is waiting in the wings for his revision of Hurricane Katrina.
-- Timothy Egan

Runner-up: in the same op-ed, Egan passes this along:

The pretense that the surge is a success and that therefore the United States is winning the Iraq war is the opening salvo in a coming blame game as to who lost Iraq.
-- Peter W. Galbraith

The headline is "The Pre-Blame Game," and Egan's got it exactly right. RTWT, obvs.

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