Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busting a Cap

Barack Obama in baseball cap worn backwards (THE HORROR!!1!)

A short answer to a stupid question:

Q: Is there anything that Barack Obama could do that's too insignificant to outrage the wingnuts?

A: No.

Because, you see, according to James Hanson, aka "Uncle Jimbo:"

29 is the cut-off for wearing your hat backwards, and while it's fun to flip the shaka, act like a big boy Barack. Keep your shirt on and quit trying to be the coolest kid in your geeky frat.

Because wearing it bill-forward makes you look all grown up, right?

James Hanson (Uncle Jimbo): all grown up

Above: James Hanson (R) and friend

James Hanson (L) and friend (presumably under 30)

Above: James Hanson (L) and friend (presumably under 30)

Pic sources:
     -- Uncle Jimbo from his sole post at Daily Kos and from a screen-grab of a video of baseball-hat-wearing grownupness, available on Sadly, No!.

     -- Barack Obama from Uncle Jimbo's fashion police post. Note that the image on Jimbo's site is named obama__gangsta_cool_2.jpg. (But this is NOT RACIST. And neither is calling a 47-year-old black man "boy." So there.)

     -- James Hanson says Uncle Jimbo is "the persona I use to vent my frustrations regarding the fools and infidels running rampant on this planet."

(h/t: TBogg)


Unknown said...

Obama's charisma is going to be a constant source of pain for the wingnuts, in the years ahead.

And I, for one, am going to love every minute of it.

When I see a post like that one at Blackfive, I can practically hear their squeals of agony. They might as well just post video of themselves weeping openly.

bjkeefe said...

You only think Obama has charisma because the MSM tells you to think that.

Rick said...

LOL! I saw the pic and thought he was wearing one of those skull-cap-type things. Imagine the outrage!

Hope you have a happy new year!

bjkeefe said...

When I saw that picture for the first time yesterday, I thought that, too, k.

If only.

Jim Hanson said...

Not bad, although I don't recall being the President Elect, just a smart-ass, and yes Kev is 25 for life.

Oh and I didn't name the pic, I just copied it from elsewhere. Obama gives off zero gangsta vibe, more of a geek frat boy. Thanks for playing.


Uncle J

Mr. Bispo said...

This was my favorite article from yesterday. Thanks. I needed the laugh.

bjkeefe said...

Uncle Jimbo:

For someone who was all googly-eyes over the apotheosis of "just like us," you sure seem to have swapped in a new set of standards for political leaders awfully quickly.

And isn't it true that you people hate elitist posturings more than anything?

So now Obama's on vacation, at the beach or working out, looking like a regular American guy, and you get bent out of shape over it. Next, you apply clear double standards, make the absurd implication (in your comments section) that he intends to dress like this no matter what the occasion, and now you're now scouring the 'Net looking to reiterate your original inanities?

Stop digging.