Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Thing That Hasn't Much Changed

Like the swiped cartoon I posted below, here is something else created in the 1960s that seems almost perfectly applicable to today: "Postscript to '30'," a lament for the shutting down of a newspaper.

There are some nice touches of antiquity (can we say that about the 1960s yet?), but otherwise ……… oh, lord, I was just about to write some drivel about the timelessness of the human condition. Go.

Oh, wait. Speaking of newspapers, I just remembered this post by Steve Benen about the coverage of the Iraq election. Every blogger on the planet has been dissing the Em-Ess-Em for the poor coverage -- I think #CNNfail was the hot hashtag on the Twitter there for a while -- but Steve is the only one I've seen who distinguished between TV and newspapers (or more accurately, the papers' sites). After rounding up some of the best of the righteous harshing* on the teevee people, he says this:

In contrast, note that print reporters (newspapers, wire services, magazines, and center-left blogs) had fantastic coverage of Iranian developments throughout the day and night. I've found the New York Times' coverage to be especially strong.

The wrong part of the media industry is in trouble.

Exactly. Imagine how nice it would be if the newspapers thrived and cable TV "news" dried up and blew away.

* [Added] Along those lines, see also Matt Yglesias (via, via).

[Added2] Follow-up: pretty funny letter to the editor written shortly after the above piece was published.

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