Monday, June 15, 2009

This Thought Just In

Never mind the whiplash provoked by the right's frequent habit of calling Barack Obama both a fascist and a communist. It just occurred to me that they also call him both "Hitler" and "Chamberlain."

It'd be a fun game to see who could find those terms closest to each other, either in print or audio/video time, as said by a wingnut Very Serious Conservative. I bet Newt Gingrich could keep a straight face while using both in the same sentence. Maybe he'll even Twitter it.

[Update] Either great minds and so forth, and/or only the name Chamberlain jumped out at me and none of the rest of the post registered when I first loaded the Political Animal home page (because I could have sworn what I wrote above was an independent thought), but after doing this post and the next two and wandering back over to Political Animal, it sure looks like Benen and Media Matters got there first.

And by "first" I mean somehow I picked up the gist of that post without being at all aware that I had. I just thought "Chamberlain -- hmmm," and then came over here to share what I thought was MY idle thought. Or so I thought.

Wow. That was weird. Selective perception? Short-term memory loss? This ADD/scatter-brained condition the concern trolls keep telling us the Internet is causing? A momentary fugue state? A TEAR IN THE VERY FABRIC OF SPACE-TIME? OBAMA'S MIND CONTROL?

Yeah, I'm definitely blaming this one on the chemtrails.

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