Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Can't Take The Heat, Stay In Alaska

Oh, STFU, Sarah. We can only laugh so many times about your never-ending hunt for the next excuse to play victim. Your act is beyond stale.

No, this comical picture is not a "desecration."

Despite what the fappers of Wingnuttia will tell you, you are not sacred. Nor are your old promo pictures. And neither is your campaign prop child. This is true no matter how many times your spokesperson stuffs in the words "special needs" to amp up the fauxtrage.

Matter of fact, this isn't even a picture of Algebra, or whatever your kid's name is. It is a picture of some conservative talk radio loudmouth …

… who may or not be retarded (but given the job description?), as Celtic Diva will be happy to explain. While collecting more donations every time you howl.

Jesus, lady, I know you're only trying to get your base to sit up a little straighter, but give it a rest. One Republican governor meltdown per week, please, and you just had a turn two weeks ago.

Plus, your whining just makes more nasty liberals turn on their Photoshops.

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