Friday, June 19, 2009


When I read xkcd yesterday, I loved it. (Of course, I was smug about getting it.) I also appreciated Randall Munroe's restraint in not over-explaining the joke. Even if you're proudly doing a comic strips for nerds, I can imagine there's always a worry about being too obscure.

Then I was reading Crooked Timber today and came across a link to this hilarious tweet in the Comments:

Paul Erdos #2 on google trends I love when I have to research to get the joke on

Although I would like you to keep contributing to that trend (if you need to), here's a little help if you just don't feel like Googling at this moment.

The nerdly among you should definitely see the CT post and follow the links therein. Good times.

[Added] While I was doing this post, I Googled "xkcd author" to double-check the spelling of Randall’s first name, and I saw from the first hit that he recently did an @Google talk. It’s pretty funny, especially if you’re already a fan of the comic.

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