Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bow Down To Sharp Eyes

That Juli Weiner is impressive. See if you can notice what she noticed about the image before reading the rest of the post or letting your mouse hover over the image.

(h/t: watertiger)


This, and the one-minute clip res ipsa loquitur posted over at Rising Hegemon, follows right along with my earlier post, don't you think?


James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

The Republican Party: Managing To Make Paul Begala Appear Both Smart and Sympathetic Since 1980!

And here's the thing: I hope Mahrer ran to the defense of this Perpetual Rich, Snotty Seventh-Grader in an attempt to milk the comedy. We don't get to see his face after she simultaneously misses the point and lets us know she thinks the French Revolution is as esoteric as Fermat's Last Theorem, and equally optional for the young political pundit, but all I have to say is I hope it gives him indigestion for a week. It's the least he deserves. Next time, Bill, how 'bout protecting the audience from Meghan Fucking McCain?

bjkeefe said...

LOL @Begala.

And yeah, I saw a clip, and Maher did kinda sort defend Meghan. In Maher's defense as far as protecting the audience goes: at least she wasn't on the panel, so the exposure to Full Stupid was contained to the end of the show.