Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Franken!

Following up on the last post …

How's this for a news angle that might not have immediately leapt to mind?

There are now more Jews in the Iranian parliament than there are Jewish Republicans in the U.S. Senate (it's a tie when you count all of Congress)...

No lie: this was near the top of the Google News results, at this moment.


Summary of the Minnesota State Supreme Court's ruling and a link to the full PDF of the decision are available on MinnPost.


[2009-06-30 17:17:17] Al Franken is at the top of the list for Twitter's "Trending Topics" at this moment. Sorry, Michael Jackson.


[2009-06-30 17:19:53] Oh, and that timestamp above is real (keyboard macro). A good sign! (If you retroactively claim 17 as your lucky number, as I do.)


[2009-06-30 17:24:14] LAT's Top of the Ticket headline:

Recount Day 238: Coleman quits; Goshdarnit Al Franken's a senator

Holy crap. 238 days. Even as long as it feels like it's been, that really brings it home.

(Of course you noticed that 238 is an integer multiple of 17, right? Good. Just checking.)


[2009-06-30 17:43:10] Another piece of (completely unrelated) good news: Firefox 3.5 has been released. Get it here. I will be doing the upgrade shortly, after I stop doing CTRL-r on Google News results for Franken.


[2009-06-30 17:56:48] Via Atrios, MPR reports:

In a statement, Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he will sign the election certificate later this afternoon.


More in the next post.

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