Thursday, June 25, 2009

Numb and Number

Over at The Poor Man Institute, curv3ball starts with a great excerpt from Prof. Krugman and then brings it home:

And a note about costs: Sometimes, my fellow Americans, we really suck.

A few trillion (more actually) to kill a bunch of foreigners in a couple of wars that have yielded almost nothing but instability and suffering? It would be unpatriotic to bring up the price tag.

A couple of trillion in tax cuts for the insanely wealth heir and heiress set? Opposing them would be class warfare.

$1.8 trillion to cover American citizens who (frequently) must choose between food and medicine, their kids welfare and medical treatment, life and death…?

Well, that is a lot of money. Government needs to be more fiscally responsible. Let’s not get carried away. Looks like socialism to me. Just think of the deficits. Does David Broder think the bill is bi-partisany enough?

I confess to paralyzing levels of cynicism on this issue, but if you want to see someone who's doing his level best to document the atrocities of the Democrats -- yes, the Democrats -- on this (that the Republicans are nothing but an obstacle course of howler monkeys is a given), you could do a lot worse than following Bob Cesca.

On a related note, let's at least give a couple of golf claps to Chris Matthews. He's got a long list of flaws, but he can get it right sometimes, too, particularly when he's dealing with Joe Scarborough.

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