Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, Yeah, Mo'Rima!

And not (just) because she is so gorgeous, …

Rima Fakih

... but, as predicted, because we knew -- we knew -- that this would make the wingnuts go (even more) insane.

I was gonna say earlier that my feeble wrap-up of Wingnuttia was best ended early, because I was sure Roy would be delivering the unholiest of unholy summaries in his next Voice column. However, Mr. C. Pierce informs me that Roy could not wait.

We will remain hopeful for more comprehensive coverage from the master, though we suspect this will go down as one of those things where the master feels said fish in said barrel are not worth his ammunition even though he now lives in Texas, fercrissake.

Meantime, here are the first things he has noticed. You will laugh, you will weep. That is wingnuts.

He attempts to summarize the unsummarizable:

These people are just mad they're not old enough to have protested Jackie Robinson signing with the Dodgers.

Can I get an Uh, huh, people?

Please to go read.


[Added] Man, that first quote that Roy picked up is to die for. What I was looking for earlier. Wingnuttia Search is good, but it is not quite up there down as low as Roy knows how to go.


[Added 2] Perhaps one of the reasons Roy has decided to post a quick, rather than comprehensive, wrap-up of Wingnuttia's reactions to Rima's win is that he has been busy assessing their reaction to the cancellation of Law and Order. Yep. The end of this twenty-year (!) run is due solely to liberal bias. (Overused phrase, but! this is a must-read. Srsly.)

If you're a crazy person, like me, you might also have a look at the Memeorandum link that Roy offers. As he has said elsewhere, this is likely for connoisseurs only. I mean, it starts with a Malkkkin link, and what could be crazier than the Queen Of All Brown-Skinned Women (Who Hate Brown-Skinned People, FOR MONEY) hating on a brown-skinned woman, with a bunch of flaccid white one-handed typists weighing in at the top of their … let us say … "lungs?" (In case you're lost, we're back to beauty contests, and away from … teevee detective shows? Or some shit like that?)

Pardon me for belaboring the only point I'm almost always trying to make, but these people -- wingnuts -- are fucked up. And they want to run your country, not to mention your world. So, comedy and all aside, especially in light of the reality that I have lately lost my sense of humor in trying to report on them … you should maybe pay attention, in serious mode, every once in a while. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, end sermon.

For now.


[Added 3] Yeah, "for now." No one could have predicted that Adam Serwer would have something smart to say… 

I'm not really a fan of beauty contests, but the tone and substance of the fever swamp's reaction to an Arab-American winning a beauty contest is at least useful for pointing out how some people's political opinions aren't based so much in questions of policy as anti-Muslim animosity. The level of anger is just so plainly disproportionate to the matter at hand as to be self-implicating. These people aren't worried about terrorism -- they're offended by the idea of Muslims being integrated into the most mundane and banal aspects of American society.

… or that Steve Benen would have been smart enough to link to him.


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