Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Further Proof of Better Living Through Unprotected Sex

In news that will come as a shock to almost no one, ...

... the NYT reports that the artist formerly known as Levi Johnston's fiancée is getting her own "reality" teevee show! Like ex, like ex!

The show will also feature two of her friends, Kyle and Christopher Massey. Ms. Palin was a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” with Kyle Massey, an actor, last year, and since then the three have become “best friends,” according to the channel, so much so that she will live with them in L.A.

A very funny animated GIF of Bristol Palin that Firedoglake is too cheap to allow me to hot-link to, evidently!

Do my old stomping grounds now face a threat worse than the San Andreas Fault?

Ken Layne thinks so! Upon being forced to learn this news, your chief Wonkette moaned, "Wouldn’t it be fun to destroy your television with your computer?"

But I dunno. Be optimistic! Maybe being immersed in Hollywood will turn her into a flaming liberal! And her mother will disown her!

(That will be Season 2, actually.)

And in the meantime, we get to make fun of her (maybe!) plastic surgery, without being scolded by the humorless scolds of Salon!

(GIF stolen from TBogg)

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