Saturday, May 21, 2011

A reminder of my lower station

But that's fine. It's good to have things to aspire to, and better still to be privileged to listen in.

I would not have thought it possible that I would link to a movie review (apart from a snarky one, I mean), but this is Edroso talking about Herzog filming cave paintings, so … well, I'd buy a ticket to that, for a dollar!

Stealing a part I really liked:

But there is no getting around the fact that the paintings themselves are the stars; they're incredible, not only because they remain in such good condition, but because they're so beautiful. If the film had been made by competent hacks it would still be worth attending just to see them. They're like Chagall, but infinitely simpler and more eloquent. Made when Neanderthals still roamed the earth, they have no trace of mannerism; they are what the painting of centuries built upon, and what the moderns tried to recapture; they are, no exaggeration, the very essence of art.

Can't you just feel the cold air blowing on the back of your neck?


M. Bouffant said...

That selection struck me as well.

A shame none of the literary masterpieces of the era survived.

Buffalo Rude said...

Roy Edroso is probably my favorite writer, style wise, on teh internets. He could write a 7 paragraph treatise on the ham sandwich in his fridge and I'll read it twice just to catch the subtleties I missed the first time through.

And yeah, I plan on catching that movie in the theater (and I see about 0.02 movies a year that way) based solely on Roy's review.