Saturday, May 14, 2011

Line of the Day: 2011-05-14

It's no accident that American Exceptionalism joins Islam and Christianity as the holy trinity of systems whose Absolute and Unshakable Universal Moral Certitudes can be shattered if someone happens to frown in their direction.
    -- Doghouse Riley


[Added] A comment I would have left under that post, had not Blogger gone all 503 on me:

The only thing better than Rudy Giuliani winning the Ed Meese Award was Atlas Shrugged, The Movie, "Part 1," winning the Ronald Reagan Great Communicator Award.


Substance McGravitas said...

I hope you understand that you have a role in the greatest cover-up ever.

bjkeefe said...

Thank you for recognizing my humble contribution. It makes all the work of jackbootedly censoring free speech that much more worthwhile.

Oh, that S,N post is too funny. Bet you a tall stack of dollars, though, that Donalde will lift the fragment "... I, Tintin, am really Carl Salonen ..." and declare victory, with his triumphant war whoop, SASQUATCH ISRAEL™®!!!1!

bjkeefe said...

And for real comedy gold, head over to American Nihilist and watch Donalde and Sour 8 Ted flail in the comments.