Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A good idea, at least: WebCite

I haven't played around with it enough to give it a review, but I applaud the thinking behind WebCite, at least.

The idea is to combat link rot (or wingnut bloggers, who disappear their posts after being proved wrong!) by archiving a copy of a Web page that you use as a reference, exactly as that page appeared when you linked to it.

Imagine if someone were to write a script to go through Wikipedia and WebCite all of the reference links. How fabulous would that be?

Submit a link for WebCite archiving here. More info here.


(I came across this in a TPM post about Donald Trump telling Fox & Friends that he is totally not at all a racist, because he had that one black apprentice that one time.)


Serr8d said...

I hear you are a racist, a jackass and an all-around POS, for deleting Dr. Donald Douglas' comments, from a 'free speech' zone.

What, your buddies at Sadly, Neutered got you on a chain? Are you just another carefully-controlled pet? A bitch?

Seems you lefties all want to stick together. You have to; who else cares for your crap?


repsac3 said...

Guy who preemptively moderates comments whines and cries when his off topic comments get moderated away.

Insert hypocrisy noise here.