Friday, May 06, 2011

Today's GOP: Big Balls? Small Brains?

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama)Oh, you guessed it. Why not both?

Forty-four of your Republican Senators, led by Richard Shelby of Alabama (pictured at left), have "sent a letter to President Obama" calling for "common sense reforms" to his proposed new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Here is the best:

  • Establish a safety-and-soundness check for the prudential financial regulators, who oversee the safety and soundness of financial institutions. This would help ensure that excessive regulations do not needlessly cause bank failures.

Emph. added.

Thers and DDay have more detailed analysis of this latest hamstringing attempt by the GOP.

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toma said...

"needless bank failures"?

The bankers and financiers caused the great recession, but they haven't suffered a bit. They're swimming in record profits and mountains of cash -- what person in his right mind is worried about the health of banks? If one of these idiots were mayor of Hiroshima, he'd kvetch about the well-being of atom bombs. Unbelievable.