Monday, May 16, 2011

"The Golden Age"

One of the great things about the Internet is how quickly you can get an answer that would have been almost inconceivably hard to find back in the dark ages. For example, you see a commercial on teevee and think, "Hmmm. That is a pretty catchy song playing in the background there. I wonder if that song was written just for this commercial, or if it's a real song. And if it's a real song, is that the real band you see, just for a second there, at the end?"

Took one (1) search query on YouTube, a glance at the comments for the first video I clicked, one (1) Google, and one (1) click to get to Wikipedia, and I am now happy to tell you that, yes, "The Golden Age" is a song that was recorded in 2009 by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a Danish duo ("vocalist Mette Lindberg and producer Lars Iversen") who flesh themselves out to a full band when playing live. They have been around FOREVER. (Since 2008.)

(alt. video link)

And here is a video that will probably seem more familiar if you have been watching the NBA playoffs the past few weeks:

(alt. video link)

I am also informed by that Wikipedia page that this song was used as a promotion for a teevee show called Mad Men, which is something that apparently everyone but me has seen, so I apologize if the above is all old hat.

Anyway, good tune. And here is the band's website (which at the moment appears to be just a frame-embed of their MySpace page), their Facebook page, and their Twitter feed.

Aside to KK: From the comments of the first version I found on YouTube, WolfataDoor: "The most interesting man in the world's son." So I guess you are more in tune with the zeitgeist than I am.


M. Bouffant said...

I can not type how awful I find that "golden age" tune. And while I have been hearing it quite a bit, I can now hit the mute button w/in two notes.

Don't worry about those Mad Men; I caught the first episode & said to myself, "Well, that was good," but didn't see any reason to watch any more.

bjkeefe said...

Sorry to be part of the problem. Where do you hear it "quite a bit?" You mean on radio, or as a commercial elsewhere on the teevee?

bjkeefe said...

I don't think you get to complain about "how awful" when your avatar is a picture of Jar Jar. Also.

Ocean said...

"...this song was used as a promotion for a teevee show called Mad Men, which is something that apparently everyone but me has seen..."

Not so at all. You're not alone in the TV averse crowd.

As to the song, its rhythm is easy to follow and invites to dance, sway or what have you. I can see how easily it can stick on your head. For ever. And ever. And ever.

That's a problem.

bjkeefe said...

So, you're suggesting I'll be singing M. Bouffant's tune in another couple of weeks?

Ocean said...

Heh. I wouldn't say that much. I don't know. Just let me know where you're at with it.

bjkeefe said...

My sense about where I'm at/will be at is, now that I think about it, indicated by the way I put it in the post: "a pretty catchy song." For me, this generally means that I will listen to it a lot for a few days, maybe a couple weeks, and then the appeal will fade and I'll forget about it, until maybe stumbling across it somewhere down the road and being momentarily happy about that. I have stacks and stacks of 45s that will attest to this.