Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having problems commenting? [UPDATED]

It's not you.

It's not me, either. Blogger is having problems. They say they are working on it.

Note to self: For this sort of thing, Known Issues for Blogger appears to be a better place to check than status.blogger.com or @Blogger.

[Added] I see some of you can leave comments. But I can't, not even here on my own blog. I guess I'll keep this post bumped up to the top until the problems are cleared.

[UPDATE] Fixt!


TC said...

Just a test to see if I can comment.

Brendan said...

Thanks for testing, TC. I still can't comment, unless I log out first, so I'm going to leave this post up top.

Ocean said...

And with Memorial Day weekend coming, some of those supposed to be feverishly working to fix the problem may have already taken a couple of extra days off... so, you may need to wait until next month. Or invent a new identity, like Brendan-The-Muted-But-Never-Defeated or something.

Brendan said...

I suspect you're right about Memorial Day Weekend. As to the latter part, way ahead of you.


Ocean said...

True. It must be those common ancestors that make us think alike. ;)

bjkeefe said...

Hey, exciting news! I figured something out! Fixt!