Monday, February 01, 2010

Shooting the Moon

As you may have heard, the President's proposed budget pretty much puts the kibosh on immediate plans for humans to return to the Moon, at least, on the American taxpayers' dime.

If you know me, you know this stabs me in my heart, even though I know in my head that there are plenty of good arguments to support this decision.

However, it might not yet be time for complete doom and gloom for us space-faring romantics. Buzz Aldrin (via Ocean) has made a short encouraging statement of support, and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait (via AemJeff) has a long post up that lays out a number of possible upsides.

I say "possible," of course, because no budget plan survives contact with the Congress.

Okay, still a little doom and gloom, but maybe there's yet room to hope.


P.S. Interestingly enough, that NYT article (first link above) was originally headlined, "Obama Calls for End to NASA’s Moon Program," when I linked to it earlier today. It has since changed to "Billions for NASA, With a Push to Find New Ways Into Space."

Which, of course, can only mean one two things: LIBERAL BIAS AT NASA!!!1! THE NEW YORK SLIMES IS IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA!!!1!


Media Mentions said...

That, and the deficit is really beyond acceptable at this point as well:

Hope this helps,

Brendan said...

Be that as it may (your concerns about the deficit), I suggest you look at my previous post and try to guess which box corresponds to NASA's share of the budget.

You can find the answer by following the link to the NYT's original, interactive chart, given in the post, and repeated here.

Hint: look in the lower-right corner, and think small.