Friday, September 10, 2010

If Sarah Palin doesn't write about this on her Facebook page, it didn't happen

Remember the last couple of weeks in August, when one Gallup poll showed a ten-point edge for generic Republicans over generic Democrats in the coming Congressional elections, and how much media attention that got? How even Nate "I don’t usually like to comment on individual polls" Silver was pleased to comment on this individual poll?

How much attention do you think the results of this week's Gallup poll will get?

Gallup poll, generic ballot, Congress 2010, showing tie after last week's 10-point spread(That's a 46-46 tie, for those of you blocking images
or not interested in donning your graph-reading nerd glasses)

Oh, wait. I forgot. Not only is it not news to the so-called liberal media unless it can be framed as Democrats In Disarray™, we also have some assclown minister from Florida who demands wall-to-wall coverage. And we must have equal parts fawning and chin-stroking over Beck and Palin doin' that 9/11 griftin', also, too.

Maybe the Balloon Juicers are on to something.

At least Jim Newell noticed.


rishigajria said...

Well Said Brendan. The media is stuck on this narrative of Democrats in absolute disarray. I have to add that the White House is not helping their cause.

Brendan said...

I'm not going to say the White House is without blame, but I do have to ask for some specifics here. It seems to me that if you've got a press corps that is bent on feeding the Dems In Disarray narrative, plus perpetually cowering from the right-wing noise machine's howling about LIBERAL BIAS IN THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA, it's not exactly easy for the White House to convey an impression that it's doing at least some of the right things.

Twin said...

My pointing in clicking through to leave a comment was to point out that this week's generic ballot poll looks even better for the Dems; they now hold a 1 point lead. Let's hope Obama and the Democrats can do something to turn things around, because the consequences are going to be disastrous if they can't hold off the teabaggers.

Regarding the media narrative of Democrats in disarray, did you see this? What a mess.

Here's the deal, in two simple steps: (1) There has been a program underway for a few decades to immiserate the population, that is, to transfer wealth from the vast, formerly prosperous middle class into the hands of the ultra rich. This program is now in its advanced stages, though we clearly have a long way to go and a lot more transferring to do before the process is complete.

And here's the kicker:

(2) Ultimately, the value of the Obama administration is that he will give the oligarchs someone to blame for the immiseration as it accelerates in the years ahead. The right is already busy blaming the middle class itself for its own impoverishment, e.g., the constant attack on unions, the one sector of the working class that has some protection from the ravages of conservative economic policy and wealth redistribution. But without four intervening years of Democratic government, it would have been more difficult for the oligarchs to blame the declining quality of American life on the Democrats and the left.

But four years of Obama will be all the excuse they need; they will be able to tell the middle class for years to come that the decline is the fault of Obama and the Democrats, and their bailing out of Wall Street and so on and so forth.