Monday, September 13, 2010

MFM: Wingnuts have a new acronym!

Roy Edroso's latest wingnut wrap-up (you haven't forgotten about NINEELEVENTY!!!1!, have you? NEVER FORGET™) brought to my notice a new acronym, or initialism, if you insist, apparently spawned by none other than the 2008 CPAC Blogger of the Year (Always Remember™), Ace O' Spuds!

In his otherwise autoencomium, "Rush Limbaugh is channeling me," slavering Spuds follower Dan Reihl, who, we are assured, is totally manly, not a child molester, not a misogynist or a racist, who in fact has nothing but Christian charity in his heart, wonders …

… MFM [We still don't know what that means, but it's Ace of Spades HQ so who are we to ask?] …

… with which we are for once tempted to agree.

But! It is always important to know what these couch-dwelling consumers of mass quantities of the Cheetos are yelling about in their echo chambers, and so we looked into it, and we will tell you what we found. Yes! Ace likes to use "MFM" instead of "MSM."

But! Sadly, no, although you could be forgiven for thinking so, this is not part of one of Ace's sexual hangups. THE F DOESN'T STAND FOR "FAG," OKAY???!?

Turns out, "MFM" stands for "Mother Fucking Media." Bravely, our Ace does not spell this out …

(The MF stands for what it typically does.)

… and in that taking-personal-responsibility way that we so love about the Conservative Movement, he lays down a fartscreen of plausible deniability:

… following a commenter's suggestion.

(This does not stop him from reusing the "joke" in posts from there on out, of course.)

Crap. I thought "MFM" was going to have something to do with a wingnut three-way, involving a … shall we say … "curious" Ace and Dan, but …

Ace of Spades and Dan Riehl: MFM

… let's not go there. It's Monday, we've just had a long weekend with the far right's favorite fetish, and you've probably already got an upset stomach.

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