Friday, September 17, 2010

Net Neutrality and the Congressional Black Caucus

That fine organization, Color of Change, whom you know from their Turn Off Fox campaign (see sidebar) has put together an open letter and a petition addressed to the Congressional Black Caucus. CoC says some in the CBC are either misinformed or excessively catering to their corporate donors, and calls upon them to reconsider the stances they have been taking.

You can read the letter and sign the petition here. If you want more background, have a look at the email CoC sent out to its members this morning.

I added this postscript to mine:

Dear CBC Members:

I understand that all non-billionaire members of Congress have to take money in order to stay in office, and I believe that most of you do so because you sincerely think there are "greater good" principles at stake.

But I will tell you this: if you knuckle under on this one, and allow yourself to be bought off by Big Telco, you have lost forever your right to claim that you speak on behalf of the little guy, let alone anyone who is downtrodden.


You never know what might work until you pitch in and try. Please add your voice.

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