Friday, September 24, 2010

Attention Wingnuts: An Update is Available For Your Dartboards

Paul Krugman has a new picture gracing his columns!

Oh, and while you're admiring it, don't read the words around it. You won't like what he has to say about your Republican Party's “Pledge to America.”

@everybody else:

Basically, he longered his earlier shorter, which means if you do not believe in Tax Cut Jesus, you will be able to enjoy the comedy he is able to wring from the GOP's numbers.

Please pass that column along. It is important that everyone sees what a joke the Pledge to Ruin America is. Because if it is ever given a chance at implementation, it won't be funny in the slightest.


Kevin Robbins said...

So, we balance the budget by becoming a third world country? Who needs roads and national parks?

bjkeefe said...

Hah! If only it were just that.

Sadly, it's worse. What the Republicans really want to do is turn us into a third-world nation in services, while keeping the crony capitalism -- and debt -- party going like it's (1981-)1989.

(For the kids: this was when St. Ronald of Reagan was president, and the US changed from being the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation. Look it up on your Wikipedia. While you still have electricity.)

bjkeefe said...

A note to Shalom Patrick Hamou:

The comment you recently posted on this page was flagged as spam by Blogger's automated system. I took a look around the Web and it appears that you have posted these exact words in several other places.

Therefore, I am going to call Blogger's detection correct.

If you would like to post another comment, say, summarizing your views and referring people to a post on your own site which contains what you earlier pasted, I would allow that to appear.

In other words, it's not that I object to your attempt to spread your idea for remaking the world economy, it's that I suspect you are using some sort of automated technique to do so, and that, to my mind, constitutes comment spam.