Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Catalog of Hateway Pundit's Recent Antics

Jim Hoft, aka The Hateway PunditA big shoutout to Ben Dimiero of Media Matters for assembling a collection of Jim Hoft's recent craziness and lies.

If you're not familiar with this guy, despite my mentioning him from time to time, you should be. He is one of the major wingnut bloggers and, as such, is a key cog in the right-wing noise machine. He is one of those people whose blog posts feed the maw of "respectable" outfits like FoxNews. It matters little that his bullshit and paranoia are regularly shot down within hours of going up -- we know how fast lies travel -- all the RWNM cares is that they have someone, somewhere peddling Hoft-style nonsense so they can "report" what "people are wondering about." And if Hoft's posts sound alarmingly like those crazy chain emails your conservative friend's crazy brother keeps forwarding to you, so much the better, as far as they are concerned.

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