Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Donald Douglas Loses The Internet

If you should wonder in the coming weeks why it is that I seem compelled to bellow SASQUATCH ISRAEL, this is why.

This of course will only add to the argument regarding the wingnut mindset: is it stupidity or a never-ending search for an excuse to play the victim?

Not that we have to choose, I suppose.

(h/t: ex DLB)

[Added] Thanks for the link, Tintin.

[Added2] Moar Donald.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted. Well played my friend.

bjkeefe said...

Heh. All credit to Brain Rage and ex DLB as far as the spotting goes, but I will take a little credit for the post title. Thanks.

JBW said...

Gracias for the link, Brendan. I always say: Don is my favorite caricature.

bjkeefe said...

Delighted. It was a great catch. Keep up the good watch-dogging.

Also, it must be nice to know you scooped TBogg and Teh Sadlys.