Friday, September 17, 2010

"... when the other side is shooting itself in the foot, stand close by and keep handing out bullets."

Tomasky and digby. Go.


Anonymous said...

You don't/didn't see yourself as one of the BHtv bad apples then? You always were delusional.

bjkeefe said...

No. I do not see myself as a bad apple at, and I never have.

I will not claim that every last word I have posted was something for everyone to admire, but I think I have contributed substantively the overwhelming majority of the time, I believe I have treated others with at least as much respect as they treated me, no matter how much we disagreed on the issue(s) at hand, and I think that to the extent that I have indulged my love for snark, my humor has at least been fairly clever and original, and not just the sort of stale insults trotted out ad nauseam by certain others. Such as you.

Further, I would observe that for all of my verbosity, I can count the number of my comments that have been deleted by management without using all my fingers. Nor have I had to be disciplined otherwise. And, in fact, I am considered an upstanding enough member of the commentariat to be entrusted with moderator privileges.

I note, as well, that overwhelmingly, the only complaints concerning things I wrote came from (1) politically ideological opposites who labor under the misapprehension that they have been appointed to wage some sort of larger political battle, and/or (2) those who got zinged by me, good and proper, and couldn't deal with the butthurt except by running to Comment Mommy.

Finally, I will recall the numerous compliments I have gotten, not only from other commenters, but from lurkers, who have said that they enjoyed reading my thoughts. Some of these have even become friends in other contexts.

Now, maybe this is all part of my delusion, but if you hope to persuade me of this, you'll have do better than making an empty assertion that you've made a hundred times before. Got any evidence? I doubt it. And it's clear you haven't got any guts.

Scurry away, 'furry.