Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That Great Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates ...

... beautifully asks you, in "How to Write About Black People (and Other Humans), to read another piece of great writing, by Jelani Cobb: "Long Odds."

Cobb's piece is about Eddie Long, one of those megachurch pastors, who has recently gotten some attention due to accusations made by four young men that he made advances on them. And, not at all surprisingly, there have since followed some eyebrow-twitching pictures of Long (cellphone self-portraits), now available everywhere.

I do not much care about this specific case, except that I am always ready to laugh (while, admittedly, feeling a tinge of pity) at any story involving fundies in their undies. But those two posts are mighty fine.

Hat tip to blackink12, via @GeeDee215. And right about now, I have so many tabs open with good things to read that my computer has about seized and I need to reboot. Or my brain. One of those two.

Marvelous thing, this Internet.


(FITU, of course, due to Teh Sadlys. Whose commenter r€nato has forever made me unable to keep a straight face about the word vanilla.)

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