Monday, September 27, 2010

Line of the Day: 2010-09-27

Lewis D'Vorkin BlingeeBack when I was riding the rails in and out of NYC, I always used to laugh at one of the advertising signs regularly seen on the station platforms: "Forbes: Capitalist Tool."

With that in mind, here is Felix Salmon on Lewis D'Vorkin's latest antics:

If you put advertisers on the same distribution platform as your editors and writers, and if you say that there are no lines separating what’s editorial content and what’s advertising, then at that point you don’t need Dinesh D’Souza to destroy your editorial integrity: you’ve managed to do it all by yourself.

The whole post, "Forbes blogs for sale," is well worth reading.

(h/t: a D'Vorkin watcher, via email)


And in the Coulda Seen It Coming From A Mile Away department, there's also this, from Kafka (really), from last week:

D’Vorkin won’t talk about traffic directly, or about specifics of other internal overhauls he is planning. But broadly speaking, he’s talking up the idea of journalists as “product managers”–tellingly, D’Vorkin has given himself the title of “chief product officer”–who would be responsible for generating their own traffic, recruiting contributors, keeping tabs on their own analytics via Chartbeat accounts, etc.

Balloon Juicers, you were saying?

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