Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Jan Brewer Reviews Review

Apparently someone did not exactly wow 'em with her opening statement at last night's Trainwreck in Arizona gubernatorial debate?

@ExitPass: "Jan Brewer's Emmy Acceptance Speech"

John Cole: "It’s the Palinization of politics."

Betty Cracker: "I don’t want to pity Jan Brewer/But holy fuck, she makes Palin sound like Cicero."

Dan Amira: "Jan Brewer Was Unaware That Debates Often Include Opening Statements."

Jason Linkins: "... could charitably be called a 'complete and utter disaster' … It's like she forgot her book report was due or something! … Does Jan Brewer, in her opening statement, qualify as a 'headless body?'"

Davin Gordon: "Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Opening Statement: Nailed It./Honestly, she should just take off her mic, drop it on the floor and walk off the set. O-V-E-R, bitches."

@jeffreycaldwell: "AZ gov shows the very real dangers of heat stroke."

@JarrettGC‎: "It's very hot today, and experts say the best way to cool off is to stand next to a frozen Jan Brewer"

@nicvatar: "illegals could have done better"

@HariDNC: "Jan Brewer does her best Miss Teen South Carolina"

George Zornick: "Jan Brewer Struggles To Recall Her Accomplishments"

Hick With A Master's Degree: "She may be out of touch, and she may be a liar, but she's a rising star now."

@cliffschecter‎: "Finaly got 2c Jan Brewer clip frm lst nite. Holy Lord-Half expectd her 2 whip out beer bong, trn 2 Goddard & ask him 2 pass the pringles #p2"

@DMillerDC‎: "Just watched the Jan Brewer debate video. Makes my public speaking look like freakin' William Jennings Obama King Jr. in comparison."

@ZerlinaM: "RT @insanityreport: RT @elonjames: In this video clip Gov. Jan Brewer makes Alvin Greene look Presidential..."

@steveweinstein: "Jan Brewer to sue Obama for her debate debacle. Said: I know we'll lose on sb1070 and Obamacare, but this one truly is his fault."

@siouxeeq: "must be hard to speak when all you can think is #papersplz"

@leepacchia: "Good morning...but I digress..."

@markos‎: "Brewer should've winked."

I might have missed a few.

But! you ask, could it get any worse?

Oh, you must not have heard about the (imaginary) beheadings.


[Added] Now remixed with Keyboard Cat! (via @mbyhoff)

[Added2] @ebertchicago : "HEADLESS BODIES FOUND BY BRAINLESS GOVERNOR." (RT by @jedlewison)

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