Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Line of the Day: 2010-09-01

It used to take the commercial media at least a day or two to spread a botched news story from coast to coast, but these days, when you add new technology like Twitter to Tea Party paranoia, you can hang a black t-shirt over a web-cam and within ten minutes half of middle America thinks it’s a total eclipse of the sun.
    -- Matt Taibbi, in re John Cusack's tweet

Especially the FoxNews watchers. And never mind how they howled that "don't retreat, reload" and a million other exhortations from their heroes this past year DID NOTHING TO INCITE VIOLENCE!!!1!


[Added] An example of what Taibbi is talking about:

screen grab of FoxNews hysteria over John Cusack's tweet(embiggen)

Up next from FoxNews:

Is John Cusack a Seekrit Muslin???1?

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