Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Now would not be a good time to invite me to subscribe

David Brooks, by Tom TomorrowI just happened upon the latest edition of your … my … hell, everybody's favorite feature of the New York Times: "The Conversation." As in, that recurrent (as in chronic) thing between Gail Collins and David Brooks about which Doghouse Riley once said:

Anyway, whenever I read one of these things I'm tempted to imagine the Slow News Monday last December some time when Brooks and Collins were spotted firing paperclips at a Dixie Cup, and a passing supervisor told them if they couldn't find anything to do he'd find something.

Nothing against Gail Collins, but I do not usually read those -- in fact, I usually run as fast as I can away from them -- but something (hathos, perhaps) made me start reading the latest. Oh, no, wait, I remember why I started -- the NYT tricked me by putting a link to it in a sidebar and only giving the headline: "What the Tea Party Really Wants." (I guess it was hathos that made me read the whole thing.) Here's how it starts.

Gail Collins: David, did you go to the Glenn Beck rally in Washington last weekend?

David Brooks: I did and I have to confess I really enjoyed it. I’m no Beck fan obviously, but the spirit was really warm, generous and uplifting. The only bit of unpleasantness I found emanated from some liberal gatecrashers behaving offensively, carrying anti-Beck banners and hoping to get in some televised fights.

If that doesn't fulfill every dark thought you had about David "Salad Bar at Applebee's" Brooks and his utter disengagement with reality and the hoi polloi, I don't know what will. I guess he never saw this video, for example.

Yes, that was shot at the same event Brooks ostensibly visited.

To her credit, Gail Collins does spend the entire conversation ridiculing him, at least as much as is possible in that context. The part about Sweden was pretty good.

(pic. of Brooks by Tom Tomorrow | hathos? | salad bar?)

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