Friday, September 10, 2010

Something to think about the next time you indulge your appetite for celebrity gossip

Yeah, I have a taste, too. And yeah, they make the big money, and you can argue that this is part of what they get paid for. And then there's the freedom of the press argument.

Still, anyone who doesn't think there's something seriously wrong here is definitely part of the problem.

(alt. video link)

It's one thing to take some snapshots of, let's say, a celebrity acting like a celebretard at a nightclub. It's quite another to pull this level of harassment on a mother and her child just trying to collect their luggage and be on their way. And not to go all ZOMG TEH TERRISTS on you, but is that how we want a dozen airport security personnel spending their time?

Jezebel (via) says there's shortly going to be an anti-paparazzi law passed in California in response to episodes like this. I am dubious about any law restricting press access, but I have to say, there gets to be a point where abuse of rights and privileges causes the jackboot to come down, and while I don't like it -- people should just behave decently without threat of legal sanction -- the gossip rags, websites, and their audiences have no one to blame but themselves for this one.

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