Monday, September 06, 2010

Why is The Obama deleting Sher Zieve from Google?

Alerted by @edroso, we are led to a report by Tintin of Sadly, No! on a column by Sher Zieve of RenewAmerica.

Apparently, this woman believes that because she is one of "the voices of those who oppose the tyrant," her voice is being "eliminated."

And such strongly seems to be the case of the techniques now utilized by the two major Internet search engines — Google and Yahoo. It appears that when they are told by The Obama to delete an opposer's name from their files, like Pharaoh Seti I is said to have deleted Moses' name from everything in the Egyptian New Kingdom, my name has now almost been completely deleted from Google and Yahoo is following close behind the leftist leader. Are plans to eradicate other truth-tellers on the way?

Note: For regular readers, this additional sabotage will come as no surprise. This has been occurring steadily over the past 2-3 years. I have gone from over 1.5Million entries on each search site to — now — under 8,000 entries on Google and about 22K on Yahoo.

We do not, of course, have any way to verify that she used to get "1.5Million" hits in her previous moments of ego-surfing, although we can confirm Googling Sher Zieve at this moment does indeed return "about 7870" hits. We will also note that Googling Sher returns 35 million hits, Googling Zieve returns 473,000, and one of the top hits for the latter is Zieve's Syndrome, which "is an acute metabolic condition that can occur during withdrawal from prolonged alcohol abuse."

You will want to read Tintin's take, for sure, but true connoisseurs might want to start at the source. Here are some of my favorite passages.

For my Uber-leftist critics, no I am not equating myself to the Deliverer Moses. First, I simply wouldn't do so. Second I'm a woman and third I doubt even The Obama would yet have the audacity to take on a known messenger from God; although I have no doubt he might actually consider it.

The reason I'm writing this has nothing to do with either self-pity or self-aggrandizement. […] Instead, I am writing it to let you know the depths to which this administration — and all Marxists — will stoop to silence their critics. Historically, when these totalitarian governments remain unchallenged by any effective means — and are allowed to remain in power — will, in time, begin to use more brutal and perverse tactics; from placing their opposition into prisons and eventual outright mass "exterminations." […] After Obama & Co has completed its experiment on me, which of you will be next for speaking up against the planned demise of We-the-People?

And then there are her … references, I guess she'd call them, at the bottom of the page: links to "Moses, Ramses and Seti," "Worst Genocides of 20th Century," and "Stalin Atrocities (pictorial)."

For a little perspective, let's note the headline of a few of her previous columns: "Obama's August surprise: turning AZ and 22 other states over to the UN." "Obama vacations: destroying a country is hard work." "ObamaGov establishing Islam as official USA state religion?" "Midterm elections 2010: Marxists vs. Americans." "Will Obama 'persuade' Americans their slavery is inevitable?" "Obama doesn't want America's recovery." "AZ ceded to Mexico and the rise of the Obama police state?" "Obama's 'fundamental transformation' means total annihilation." "Dictator Obama reaches day 70 of his Gulf destruction."

Which only gets us back the end of June. There are gobs more. Hard to believe we haven't run out of purple crayons yet.

Oh, and what's this, back in April? "Obama's Google deleting me?" Good lord. And it's actually a different column. Well, different word arrangements, same great paranoid flavor; e.g.:

And although my column output continues to be even greater than in has been in the past, within about a year and a half I have gone from between 1-2 millions of Google entries to a few thousand after last week. Note: Google knocked off 60,000 entries after I wrote and had published my article "Barack Hussein Obama: Marxist Ideologue or Evolving Madman?" Guess it struck a rather large nerve. Retribution and retaliation against my continuing to tell the truth? You betcha'!

And then there are her fellow inmates site colleagues. Let's have a quick look at the ledes from the latest from some of them, shall we? Start right off with their rock star, Bryan Fischer, whose fear of Muslins (NO MORE MOSQUES, PERIOD) is matched only by his homophobia. What's the latest from ol' BF?

Here's something you wouldn't expect unless you were an Islamorealist (as opposed to an Islamophobe):

President Obama's surrender in Iraq is more popular in America than in Iraq.

Wow. Pushing that "surrender" line already, huh? Oooo-kay. Who's next? Oh, hello, Wes Vernon!

Before Communist Howard Zinn died in January, he was actively spearheading an effort to inject his lying version of American history into the innocent heads of little tots almost as soon as they are able to talk.

Meh. Rewarmed Birch. What about … A.J. DiCintio?

Red hot liberal arrogance

Ever since Karl Marx lied that he based his ideas upon science — for example, his "scientific socialism" — a defining characteristic of leftists has been an insufferably arrogant bragging about their exquisite rationality.

Now, if it were true that leftist ideology is based upon reason, it would qualify for inclusion in science textbooks. However, as every honest person knows, it can't be because it isn't.

RenewAmerica, ladies and gentlemen.

You're registered to vote, right?

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