Saturday, September 04, 2010

You know when you're just goofing around, and think, nah ... but?

omg teh Google people are good. (Or insane on the same plane as I am; same thing. (I wish.))

Google result for conversion of quarter century into fortnights (652, if you're scoring at home)(embiggen)

I salute the programmer on the Calculator team who stood his or her ground and said, "Nope, someday, someone is gonna wanna do this conversion. So shut up."

I still remember with joy a high school physics class where we were assigned a distance-equals-rate-times-time problem, where the speed was given in furlongs per fortnight. [Added2: oh, yeah.]

[Added] And! I remember from last night's surfing that there are more like us.

[Added3] Up next: neo-reactionaries, moaning, "Oh me oh my. This Google trickery is all well and good, but won't someone think of the children? They will grow up not knowing how to use their calculators. And will they even ever learn RPN?"

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