Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time For That Picture Again

Following a link (curse you, Roy Edroso!) to American Power, we see that college perfesser Donald Douglas is among the howlers of Wingnuttia trying to convince themselves that the neo-Nazi shooter at the Holocaust Museum was actually a liberal run amok. (No, really.) Where others have mostly been content just to parrot this stream of bullshit, Douglas unleashes a torrent in the process of expanding his already stupefyingly long enemies list.

Among other things, he describes the fine blogger David Weigel as "a reporter at The Washington Independent, but previously he was a contributing editor at the libertarian Reason Magazine. In the latter position he'd be expected to advocate small government and the protection of liberties from the expansion of state power. On the whole, Reason would appear to support the libertarian wing of the GOP. But often the ideological lines get blurred, and some hardline libertarian activists are essentially 'unpatriotic paleoconservatives' who veer over into hardline leftist territory …"

The crazy continues.

Respected national security blogger Spencer Ackerman is, according to Douglas, a "Bush-bashing nihilist." Mention is made of "(pothead) Will Wilkinson." Andrew Sullivan is, apparently, "a deranged Obamaton who feeds on the writings of Charles Johson at Little Green Footballs."

One of the most thoughtful bloggers I know is called "the America- and Israel-hating Daniel Larison."

The gist of Douglas's fumings? "Folks need to be careful about their allegiances."

In his profile, Douglas says about himself: "… in friendship, you'll find no one more dignified, trustworthy, nor loyal."

Allegiances. Friendship. Nice words, aren't they? I'll spare you the obvious nod to Mr. Orwell, and just observe that this is what the wingnut urge to purify has come to.

Link for reference only. Don't click it. You only have so many neurons to spare, and you'd be a lot happier burning through them with beer. Even wood alcohol would be attractive, by comparison.

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repsac3 said...

A great post...

I trust you won't mind that I shared it with my "American Nihilist" peeps (which now, of course, includes you, ...or shortly will.)

((Nihilist peeps... Interesting concept... I'd guess they'd be black, and perhaps vomit-flavored...))

Kevin Robbins said...

I'll second Repsac in saying this is an incredible post. There's a group of masochists that has savored the insanity of American PowerMad for some time now. It helps if you squint a bit and consider it to be parody. Definitely a guilty pleasure, and as you suggest, sacrificing some neurons beforehand with alcohol helps, too.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Since the Nutty Professor banned me from his site, the only way I have of keeping tabs on his deluded views is through the observations of true patriots like yourself. Keep up the good fight for what is good about our Nation Brother...

bjkeefe said...

@repsac3: Kind of a moot point by now, but no, I don't at all mind. Thanks for the link and the blogrolling.

@ex DLB and TRUTH 101: Thanks to you two, too.

Tim said...

I've had to ban myself from Donald's site as I feel dirty and stupid reading the ignorant tripe that flows from the "professor."

But it's nice to see some familiar names here.

What I find about extreme conservative "thought" is that it only becomes more extreme, never less. Once they get on the slippery slope they can't seem to get off, they only see more conspiracy, more danger, more threat to themselves and country. Donald exists now in this echo chamber, where he gets louder, and the paranoid delusions of his fellow bloggers also grows, the lies get repeated, the exaggeration thus growing exponentially.

What is sad is that Donald was once smart, and liberal. He is a classic example of where the terrorists won.