Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This Ought To Be Good Enough To Win Some Scholer ...

... a full schoolarship.

To any university not accepting morans or muslins, I mean.

We can also be confident that this home-abused child's parents support making English America's Offical Language, because they respect are-country, and don't want to let the terriosts win.

Your smart enough to know what's going on, right? Speak up!
Remember descent the highest form of patriotic.


Click 'em to big 'em. Pic sources at the text links.


E R E said...

"descent" the highest form of patriotism.

i actually laughed out loud at that one. thanks.


Don McArthur said...

I'm down with that last sign. In all seriockness.

J. A. Baker said...

But remember, we must always be keeping Ameirca strong!

listener said...

Love the gallery... especially in light of T. Tancredo's recent call for the return of Jim Crow literacy tests for voters. I think R. Maddow did a similarly-themed spot on her show.