Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anonleaks is coming!

So the good people from Anonymous say:

A rare .ru link that we can feel safe in clicking:

Some details from Adrian Chen at Gawker.

The sudden new importance of Anonymous discussed on this blog starting here.

(h/t: @on_the_media)


tafkass said...

Hmmm... the link appears to be broken. Or maybe the site hasn't started yet, or maybe the founders were vaguely contemplating doing something naughty with some Swedish girls, and have been arrested as a precaution.

How's the whole "Wikileaks" thing playing in the States? TBH, apart from in "The Guardian", it's all dropped off the radar somewhat over here, despite the fact that the issue of Assange's extradition (and probable subsequent death by US-administered Swedish-sanctioned lethal injection) is being decided by our judiciary.

bjkeefe said...

Hmmm, so it is. Wonder what's up with that. The link worked at the time I put up the post, obvs.

Hard for me to say how much Wikileaks is on the radar around here. I'm very interested in it, so I tend to notice mentions more than the average person does, I suspect, and I tend to keep up with some other people who likely are also more interested than average. Also, I don't consume as much MSM news as the average person, I don't think. Certainly I don't watch teevee news.

That said, I think the story has not gone away completely, even if it's not NYT front page news most days. I have the sense that the looming release of bankster data is something a lot of people are waiting for, and I also think there's quite a bit of interest in the response to Assange by our government and large corporations. (But I repeat myself.)

tafkass said...

Thanks Bren - I'll be relying on you increasingly for the Stateside buzz as, to my intense frustration, they've stopped showing "The Daily Show" over here. Even the (fairly crappy, but still better than nothing) "Global Edition" appears to have taken a hike.

Why this bastion of intelligent satire has been pulled from the UK schedules is a mystery to me. Anyone would think that Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch owned half of our papers, controlled our major sports / entertainment channels, and was uncomfortably close to our ruling political party, or something.

Oh wait, he is.

(BTW - Your "captcha" word tonight is "labider" which, given that it's Valentine's Day, puts me in mind of a horny dyslexic...)

tafkass said...

"labider" / "libido"?

OK, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

apparently comcast at least is blocking the site. the mirrors are still accessible, as is the torrent file with the emails.