Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music of the Revolution

Interesting segment from this week's On The Media.

Don't shy away if you're not the world's biggest hip hop fan. I'm not, either. I'll tell you this much, though. To the extent that Abdulla Darrat knows what he's talking about, and he sounds like he does, there's a lot of hope running through these ten minutes.

You can download the mixtape “Mish B3eed” (“Not Far”) and find links to the artists' Facebook pages on this page of Abdulla's site, Enough!Khalas.


A related article appears on the website run by PRI's The World.

From that article, here's a song by Ramy Donjewan that caught my ear. (Hope I didn't condemn it, or him, to immediate uncoolness by saying that.) Google tells me the title translates as "Against the government."

Ramy Donjewan - ضد الحكومة

(alt. video link)

The advantage here is that the lyrics are printed on the screen, to make it easier to sing along.


[Added] Also good: Ibn Thabit, "The Question." (More info, plus opportunity to download the MP3, here.)

(alt. video link)

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