Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Republican War on Women Continues

Two reports from Georgia.

In summary: (1) women who report being raped or assaulted are not to be trusted, and (2) women who have miscarriages are to be presumed guilty of self-induced abortions until proven innocent.

Sure, Bobby Franklin is an extreme case. But is he unique to the point where the mainstream GOP, such as it is, will scorn him, or does he serve their interests by pushing the Overton Window that much farther to the right?

(h/t: Scott Lemiuex | x-posted | title: cf.)


Bartender Cabbie said...

I agree with you here. This is pretty nuts. Won't ever happen though. Sometimes you just have to let nuts make fools of themselves.

bjkeefe said...

If I could be sure that's all it was, I'd agree -- I'd say the best way to deal with attention-whoring nuts is to ignore them.

However, I have seen too many cases since I started paying attention to politics of the movement conservatives and the GOP using, or taking advantage of, an utter loon as a way of shifting their median position to the right. And it's not as though Bobby Franklin is the only one with fairly eye-popping attitudes on this issue.