Saturday, February 19, 2011

How To Win in Afghanistan, Instantly

One look at the "hairstyle" and the al Qaedas and Talibans would die laughing.

You have to love the comedy at the site, right from the beginning:

The Draft Trump 2012 committee is an independent grass-roots citizen's efforts to make Donald Trump President. We are neither funded nor directed by Donald Trump but we are encouraged by his public indications that he is seriously considering the race.

Uh huh. Just like those conservative Grassroots™ activists in Wisconsin.

(h/t: StrangeAppar8us, Hunger Tallest Palin)


toma said...

Trump's CPAC speech was so hilarious that I posted some edited clips of it back at my place.

In short(s): "America has been turned into a laughingstock. A whipping post." Err, other countries get tied to America in order to get a proper whipping? How did this idiot get to be so rich?

"You know what? I'd go after the Chinese. And OPEC, they totally suck. And the Somali pirates. I'd blast them."

You know also what? Also? 5 year olds were barred from running for President for a good reason. Sheesh.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Not sure I like the Donald either, but he would certainly be no puss.

bjkeefe said...

LOL! I had to read "whipping post" a few times before I caught it. I guess my cliché filter is already turned way up in anticipation of the next twenty months.

Agreed that we don't let five-year-olds run for preznit. Sadly, however, we appear to allow them to vote for it. Dumb as The Donald is, he's smart enough to know that he's got some audience for such drivel.

I notice in the clip you posted that he also makes a fairly obvious pitch to the Birthers. Charming.

Ah, well. He's not going to come close to winning. What I suppose we can hope for is that he does well enough at the beginning to kid himself into dumping a huge amount of his own money into a prolonged effort, a la Willard in 2008. About the only way we have of getting guys like him to share their unearned wealth.

bjkeefe said...

P.S. Also for others: Toma's other clip of The Donald.

toma said...

". . I suppose we can hope for is that he does well enough at the beginning to kid himself into dumping a huge amount of his own money into a prolonged effort . ."

Bingo. That's how it would happen, the Donald never taking a chance on anything until it's essentially a sure bet (you can see why he's been such a raging success *cough*). He'd join the race if only a couple million people literally carry him on their shoulders down to the Secretary of States offices to register as a candidate. And drop a couple hundred million in his lap. And force everyone else not to run.

Politics ain't his thing, and he knows it. He will always back off at the last second because he couldn't stand the ego bruising that comes with the job.

Not that I'm rooting against his taking a crack at it. The sights and sounds of Palin, Bachmann and Trump going after each other at debates would be like drunken kitties in a shockbox. Which, because it's not actual kitties, would be entertaining, indeed.

bjkeefe said...


And yes, I agree about the fragile ego aspect. I'll never forget, for example, the amount of noise he's made from time to time about being dropped from those Forbes lists of rich people, or about people who write in general about their dubiousness concerning his supposed pile of loot.

He's kind of like a dumb Ross Perot, isn't he? Too used to being a tyrant CEO-type to be able to stand anyone talking smack to or about him.

bjkeefe said...

Breaking: James Wolcott simply did not care for Trump's CPAC moment, either.

toma said...

Great link, Wolcott is hilarious. I wish I'd written that. And what the hell happened to Richard Dreyfuss? What a mound of clay. Who the hell will accommodate a humorless lesson on civics from the likes of him? Not me, mister.

bjkeefe said...

Heh. Since my memories of Richard Dreyfuss end largely at Jaws, I suspect I wouldn't be able to say whether this moment seemed unusual for him or not. Could be that he's one of those humorless liberals we used to hear so much about, or it could be that he was not in an especially good mood, due to being at CPAC.