Monday, February 28, 2011

"This tape is Ailes' blue dress."

Rumors are swirling that FoxNews boss Roger Ailes may be indicted.

It is fun to dream for a few minutes, isn't it?

David Corn has a good post summarizing the backstory. And remember:

Fox News, founded in 1996, went to town during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and subsequent impeachment crusade. That saga made Ailes' network. I doubt anyone kept track, but there must have been at least 17 million occasions when a Fox host or guest said that lying about sex in a legal proceeding (to prevent political embarrassment) was a high crime deserving impeachment -- or worse.

(h/t: DougJ and Barry Ritholtz | x-posted)


Substance McGravitas said...

On the one hand ha ha, and on the other these guys still have co-conspirators walking free.

bjkeefe said...

I don't even dream about justice being served in that area.