Saturday, February 12, 2011

Going Galt AND IT’S ONLY PART 1!!!1!

Roy has the preview of Atlas Shrugged up over at his place. The comments are hilarious, as you would expect.

Also, tweeted by @driftglass:

1,000 pages of Bad Science Fiction about sock-puppets stabbing strawmen with tax cuts.

It's the new Wolverines!!!1!

[Added] More goodness from TBogg and his commenters. LOL @ gbear:

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking flakes on this motherfucking train!

[Added2] Susan of Texas, in comments at Roy's, speaks of the man behind the movie:

What's really awsome is that some Objectivist businessman, John Aglialoro, put up all the money himself--$10-15 million, plus marketing. And he co-wrote the screenplay (!) .. So this is a labor of love and will probablybe exactly like the boring, unreadable book.

A quick Google on Agliaro yielded this bit of delicious reminder:

Susan Paris: Is Angelina Jolie firmly committed to the project?

John Aglialoro: Yes, she is. Here is what she told us: “Dagny Taggart is the most relatable character to me of all the extensive literature I have ever read.”

SP: Has she signed a contract?

Aglialoro: We have a letter of intent.

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