Sunday, February 06, 2011

As if anyone needed another reason not to use Bing, not to mention Internet Explorer

It looks like Bing has been tuning their search results by watching what people search for on Google and what they click on the results page.

Some people are concerned about the privacy aspect. Me, I gave up believing what I typed into the Internet wasn't going to be stored and analyzed nine ways from Sunday years ago. I'm appalled here at Microsoft's cheating. I mean, we've known for decades that Microsoft has a habit of letting others do the innovation, and then absorbing them into the Borg (yeah, I'm still mad about how they ruined Equation Editor), or copying the competition from scratch and then crushing them with their monopolistic clout (you remember Netscape, right?). But this really takes things to a whole new depth. Anyone who works at Microsoft on this should be ashamed.

(h/t: Robert Waldmann)


[Added 2011-02-07 01:04] TechCrunch has an article with selections from the Twitter fight the above produced. Some good zingers. More importantly, that article gives a link to the Techmeme entry for the story, in case you want to read another nine thousand pieces of commentary on this.


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Robert said...

Thanks for the link. I should point out that, although their software sucks Microsoft has good films of a octopus pretending to be something else.

Wonder why ?

bjkeefe said...

Don't know what that something else is, but we can be sure it's not pretending to be a giant leech.