Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Identify a Meth Lab

(h/t: KK, via email)


Ocean said...

OMG! Poor thing!

(The Chocolate lab is my favorite though)

bjkeefe said...

That is a pretty cute picture, but usually chocolate labs kind of creep me out. Don't much care for those pinkish-red eyes.

Yellow and black ones are usually my fave labs, but that methy looks mighty appealing!

Ocean said...

"... but that methy looks mighty appealing!"

Sick! LOL!

bjkeefe said...

Can't help it. He reminds me of another one of my favorite animals.

Ocean said...

I liked this one.

bjkeefe said...

Either I'm too obtuse to appreciate your subtle humor, or that page got broken between the time you looked at it and the time I looked at it.

Ocean said...

LOL! You didn't like my projective test, did you? ;)

No, seriously, that's what happens when I try to follow your instructions about how to set up a link in HTML code.


(I hope it works.)

bjkeefe said...

Hey, I don't remember telling you to add a trailing L and slash to your URL when constructing a link.

(Hover over your previous link and compare it with the plain text one.)

Also: remember that the preview button is your friend! Cool people always test their links before publishing.


Ocean said...

Now you know a few more things about me:

I get creative and add some adornment to my links.

I don't always follow instructions blindly.

Supercool people don't test their links. They let others do it for them. ;)

Boy, I'm so glad my livelihood doesn't depend on learning how to do this.

bjkeefe said...