Saturday, February 26, 2011

Because you're dying for some Willard Romney news, amirite?

Joe Posnanski wanders around a bookstore, and what should he see?

Mitt Romney has a new book called "No Apology." I was not aware that people were demanding apologies from Mitt Romney, but apparently he will not give them the satisfaction.

I first see the Mitt Romney book in the "New Releases" section with all the other new books that have grand hopes of gracing the New York Times best-seller list. Later, I see "No Apology" again ... in the bargain books section. Here it is selling for $5.98. This feels like some sort of grand mistake, but apparently it is not because there are a half dozen there, all marked down. It is, the first straight to bargain section book I can ever remember.

Maybe the title refers to the publisher's official stance about people who paid full price.

(h/t: Scott Lemieux | x-posted)


Bartender Cabbie said...

I hate to be flippant but Romney should apologize for his hair. I distrust a man with a "kiss me quick" haircut. That is one reason i can not stomach the Gov of Texas.

bjkeefe said...

Is it even possible to be flippant when talking about the superficiality of our campaign process? (I used to bemoan it, now I embrace it!)

I do know what you mean about the Willard 'do. I used to call him the Grecian Formula model ("just a dignified touch of gray").

I never did see what the late great Molly Ivins or anyone else saw in Rick Perry's hair, though. Always seemed like your basic mop to me. But I do love the expression you used -- "a 'kiss me quick' haircut." Gonna have to remember that one.