Thursday, September 02, 2010

Let the "Down Under" Jokes Begin

This just in:

EvanHurst Anti-gay Australian MP Fred Nile has "researched porn" on his office computer 200,000 times!

Those fundies just keep living up (down) to stereotype, don't they? How many hard -- if you know what I mean -- drives' full do you suppose Brent Bozell and Bryan Fischer have?

Okay, moar Jan Brewer jox plz.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're just drowning in shadenfruede around here.

To be fair though, it apparently wasn't him, it was a staffer using his login (!)

And the 200,000 figure is pretty dubious. For starters it doesn't seem to be distinguishing between hits and pages (and as we know there is a vast difference). Also according to the ABC news story: "a recorded hit includes access to a legitimate site such as a newspaper site, which may contain links to other sites that may be categorised as adult content". So lots of false positives in other words.

Still, ya gotta laugh.

Brendan said...

Heh. Yeah, just idly thinking about that number had me pretty well convinced that it was hardly physically imaginable. (I figured the hit count was multiplied by his flipping through slide shows or something.)

Still, I have to say that if your right-wing moralizing pontificators are anything like our rwmps, and if your right-wing noise machine attacks anything like our rwnm does, then I am still inclined to think this guy got something well-deserved.