Friday, August 31, 2007

Craig's List: The Sports Tie-In

How soon before baseball announcers get the memo to avoid describing batters as having a wide stance?


bjkeefe said...

And yes. "List" was also intended as a double entendre.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Also on baseball: Why do you call a batter a right hander when he stands on the left side of the plate?

bjkeefe said...

That's a good question.

Off the top of the head guess: That's how the pitcher (and the rest of the defense) sees the situation.

Second guess: Most people are right-handed. Such people have always stood at the (catcher's perspective) left side of the plate as they do now, for whatever reason. But, as they were right-handed, they said they batted right-handed. Convention came to dominate.

These don't satisfactorily dismiss your question. So, given the tendency for the majority to "bat right" ...

I blame the Republicans.