Saturday, August 04, 2007

Just a nice pic

I was going to make some Golden Arches joke, but, really, this one just plainly appealed to me (click it to see a larger version):

Launch of the Mars Phoenix Lander

Photo credit: Mike Carlson/Reuters (source)


Anonymous said...

Hi Brendan,

Very cool picture I think I might forward that out!
Yes on 30% success rate but worst yet this is NASA's
first powered descent attempt since the failed Mars
Polar Lander in 1998. The last successful powered
descent landing to the Martian surface was Viking in
1976. I recall fondly watching the Viking pictures on
PBS and thinking perhaps I could be involved someday.
I never really thought that 31 years later I would be
working software on Mar Science Laboratory project
at JPL. This one has an even more challenging landing
planned. All the more reason we need a success with
Phenix. Have a look at the MSL mission animation at


Anonymous said...

The dogs and I trekked up to the end of the street and watched the launch pre-dawn along the beach. It was an even more impressive sight in person.