Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warning: Untwisted

Just got my first Sierra Nevada without a twist-off cap. Guess we finally finished up the old stock. Andrew Leonard did warn about this eventuality, so I didn't hurt myself too badly.

If you're uninspired to click the link, here's the short story: Sierra Nevada let it be known a while back that it was unsatisfied with the tightness of the seal of its twist-off caps, saying that they worried about the longevity of the freshness of their fine product. I had long noticed that their caps were unusually tight compared to most twist-off bottles, and had always thought it was an error introduced during the design specifications -- either the bottles were one gnat's whisker too thick, or the caps similarly too small.

But no. They were looking out for my tastes, all this time.


Brando said...

I used to refer to SN as "the best twist-off beer you can buy." I almost lost my palm the first time I encountered the new bottle-opener caps!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, beer, a topic near and dear to my heart. Not sure why but for some reason there are quite a few very good microbrewerys here on the North Coast that use twist off tops. Why? I haven't a clue. Some of the brews to look for are from Lost Coast Br. (go for the Indica IPA), Eel River Br.(Amber) and Mad River Br. (Double IPA or Jamaican Red Ale), an Six Rivers Br. A little further south on the Mendocino Coast is another favorite, North Coast Br. You may have seen some of their brews, Old Rasputin Stout, Red Seal Ale and Acme Pale Ale (the bought the rights to the Acme name a while back). Yummy!