Saturday, August 11, 2007

Line of the Day: 2007-08-11

Speaking on the topic of the recent law issued by the Chinese government regarding Tibetan/Buddhist reincarnations, Peter Sagal said this:

Just to make it fair: No application, they've announced, is necessary if you want to come back as an invertebrate, such as an earthworm, a jellyfish, or a Congressional Democrat.

Of course, you know what he's talking about.

BTW (he said after listening further into the show), do not miss the guest on the "Not My Job" segment. A bouncer for the Rolling Stones, urged by Keith Richards to make something of his life, is now a veterinarian. Howl!

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bjkeefe said...

Of course, you're an "Odd Couple" fan, and feel compelled to refer to "a jelly doughnut for a jellyfish."

Please, go right ahead.

(Okay, this is really insider humor.)