Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roving Correspondents

When I heard the news yesterday, I figured I'd let everyone else in the leftosphere carry the ball (no sane person competes with Brando, for one). I'm happy the advisor known as Turd Blossom has been put out to pasture for real, but until we can drag his fat ass in front of Congress and put it under oath, I can't find a real upside. It's not like he's not going to cash in right away. A seven-figure book deal, talking head gigs on Fox News, and speaking fees that threaten to make Ann Coulter even more shrill immediately come to mind.

However, one thing that has interested me about Rove's departure is the piling on by conservatives. Probably a lot of this is explained by their never-ending quest to assign blame to whomever, given that their dream of state-imposed wingnuttery is falling out of fashion. But still.

It's also fascinating to see the dissolution of what used to present as a monolithic force. For example, David Frum, former Bush speechwriter and current AEI sourpuss, has a well-crafted hatchet job op-ed in today's NYT. At one point, he's going on about the erstwhile Boy Genuis's poor choice of focus on issues:

Instead of seeking solutions to national problems, "compassionate conservatism" started with slogans and went searching for problems to justify them. To what problem, exactly, was the faith-based initiative a solution?

Ah, where were voices like this from the Right, four and five and six years ago?

Never mind. Right now, I'm mainlining schadenfreude.

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